4 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During Summer Months

Summer is here! Vacations are in full swing, beaches are crowded, and baseball games abound, yay!

Did anyone mention work? OK, I think we made our point.

HR professionals, team leads, managers, and executives want to know how to keep employees engaged over the summer. 

We’ll discuss four techniques to keep employees motivated and engaged over summer’s hazy, lazy days. And we guarantee you’ll have some fun in the process!

We’re not taking the summer off; we’re here if you need us. But we hope all of our clients are getting some much-needed rest and relaxation this summer.

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Here’s what we’re going to cover in this post:

  • Schedule Some Fun Company Events For The Workforce
  • Be Generous, And Creative, With Corporate Employee Giveaways (Bling!)
  • Stay In Front Of Scheduling Conflicts And Pto
  • Bonus Tip!

I think we would all agree that employee engagement and motivation are the secret sauce behind any company’s success. 

High employee turnover can be toxic and grueling for human resources professionals and hiring managers. Lack of employee recognition is one of the silent killers of workforce motivation. Here’s what Gallup had to say in a recent article: 

At any given company, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel that their best efforts are routinely ignored. Further, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.

None of us want dissatisfied employees. So let’s make summer fun at work again!

Schedule Some Fun Company Events For The Workforce

Outdoor events, like picnics, are an excellent way to show your appreciation to the team, and have fun at the same time. Do some cool stuff, like play some volleyball and have a few adult libations! Provide ride shares for anyone who might overindulge a bit. Also, make sure to provide some fun awards and employee recognition. 

We spend a third of our weekdays, at least, working. So employers should be conscious of creating camaraderie in the workplace. And summer is a great time to schedule morale-building events. These events are an excellent way for employees and leadership to socialize and get to know each other better. 

You’ll be amazed at the benefits a little beach volleyball will provide!

Be Generous, And Creative, With Corporate Employee Giveaways (Bling!)

Nothing shows a boss’s appreciation like giveaways and some open recognition of a job well done. We recommend gamification as one way to have fun with employee recognition and keep your workforce motivated. Branded company apparel and bling make excellent prizes. 

For example, branded coolers make excellent summertime giveaways! 

A small show of appreciation at a company-sponsored event will go a long way with your employees. We’re big believers in promoting corporate branding and recognizing employees with heartfelt gifts at the same time. 

Stay In Front Of Scheduling Conflicts And PTO

We all know there will be scheduling conflicts during the vacation-heavy summer. Hopefully, we’ve all planned for this, and vacations are baked into our employee schedules. We also know there will be unforeseen circumstances and requests for additional PTO and days off. Make sure you’re ready. 

And now for a bonus tip on making it through the summer months by accommodating vacations, PTO, and unrealistic, understaffed projects and deadlines.

Bonus Tip!

Engage with the team at Patel Consultants. Work in advance with team leads to ensure adequate staffing for critical projects over the summer. HR teams can use a staffing agency to utilize contract and temporary workers to cover PTO and keep projects and business operations humming during employee vacations.  

At Patel Consultants, we believe in hiring automation tools, but we also strongly believe in the value of human intelligence and in-depth experiential knowledge of our client’s hiring and staffing needs. We leverage an innovative blend of software, tools, talent, experience, and process in the context of our client’s unique requirements. 

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? Are you looking for workforce management solutions? 

Maybe you have some questions about how we can help you with your summertime staffing needs?

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