5 Crossover IT Skills to Seek Out for IT Direct-Hire Candidates

We hear a lot about hard skills vs. soft skills in the world of information technology employees.

But which side of the skill set equation is more important? 

Candidly, both sides are essential. At Patel Consultants, we frequently talk about crossover skills that bridge the gap between hard and soft skills.

The folks at CompTIA discussed these types of skills in a recent article:

So, what “hard” skills do you need for IT careers? The technical skills will vary from job to job. In many cases, it’s a myth that you have to be good at math or science to get into IT. Some of the most important qualities that allow you to enter the technology field are a desire to learn and grow and an excitement about trying new things.

In most cases, you can pick up technical skills with time and effort through training, certification and hands-on experience. And you don’t necessarily need to get that hands-on experience from a paid job. You can get it in a lot of ways, from tinkering on a home computer to volunteering to doing side work.

Technical skills can be easier to learn than some of the soft skills you need in IT. They’re often innate to people who are particularly well-suited for careers in information technology. Of course, if you don’t have all of the soft skills listed below, that shouldn’t discourage you from exploring technology jobs. IT jobs come in many shapes and sizes, and some will require you to use more soft skills than others. (you can see the full article here.)

That’s a great introduction to our discussion of crossover skills. One thing is for sure, though—the world of IT employment is changing. And the stereotypical information technology employee prototype is changing right along with it. 

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This post will discuss five crossover IT skills and personal characteristics to look for in potential new IT hires. Some of them may surprise you!

So let’s get started. What are some malleable crossover skills to look for when hiring IT pros?

1. Creative and Enjoys Problem-Solving

As we pointed out in a previous post, “Elon Musk, famous for hiring the best-of-the-best engineering talent, once quipped, ‘If Nikola Tesla applied to Tesla, would we even give him an interview?’”

Hiring managers and teams need to go deeper than the standard IT checkboxes, and we can help. Creative thinkers can be hard to spot, and from what we’ve seen, they can even appear a bit eccentric. Hiring teams need to look at the entire personality and the intellectual person, not just the traditional must-haves.

2. Excels at Critical Thinking 

Information technology employees and knowledge workers need exceptional critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Candidates with innate critical thinking capabilities can also further develop these skills. 

For example, Indeed and Master Class offer some great starting points for beginners. LinkedIn Learning also provides excellent “pay-to-play” classes, starting at $39 a month.  

The hiring team needs to look for a natural inclination toward critical thinking.

3. Adaptable To Project Environments

Employers need to look for employees who can cross-function in multiple teams, work environments, and management levels. In 2022, IT professionals must be comfortable interacting with marketing and sales, software development, operations, executive management, etc.   

4. Logical ThinkerWired For Technology

“Wired for technology” isn’t all about degrees and certifications, although that can be a big part of the search process. The CompTIA article points out that experience and ability can come from various non-traditional sources and educational backgrounds for the post-modern IT professional.

5. Communicates Abstract Ideas And Concepts 

IT professionals will present complex and often abstract ideas and concepts to stakeholders in face-to-face meetings and virtual interactions. This takes a unique level of interpersonal communication skills that need to be screened for.

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So how can hiring teams and human resource professionals screen for these subtle crossover skills? One way is to engage with a professional recruiter who understands your goals in the context of the perfect target pool of active and passive candidates.

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