5 Sincere, Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Back To Your Team this Holiday Season

Can you believe 2022 is already coming to a close? It was another challenging, but rewarding, year for the team at Patel, and our clients feel the same way.

2023 will undoubtedly present hiring teams, human resources professionals, and recruiting companies with new staffing and hiring challenges.

But, along with our clients, we’re optimistic and ready with innovative workforce management solutions.

One thing we all want to do this time of year is to show our gratitude for all the wonderful relationships we have. And that starts with our teams. So we scoured the internet for the most sincere, affordable ways we could find to celebrate our employees.

We wanted to find something for everyone, so we came up with three exceptional ideas to show your attitude of gratitude this holiday season. We’re also starting our giving this season with four can’t-miss bonus tips!  

It all starts with recognizing your employees and their families. 

We’ve found that recognizing your teams’ families is a genuine way of showing your gratitude in a broader sphere of influence. The pre-employment experts at Sterling Check summed it up in a recent article: 

Thank the family. Every employee has loved ones that are affected when they have to work overtime or bring work home on the weekends. One way you can appreciate your employees is by also appreciating the sacrifices their families have to make in order for the job to get done. Some ways you can do this is by providing gift cards for family members or organizing a fun holiday event for them to participate in. 

Reaching out to families with a card, note, or gift certificate (depending on your budget), will go a long way to sharing your gratitude for a job well done and your appreciation for the sacrifices of the employee’s family.  

We’re always amazed at the responses companies get from their employees when they plan a charitable event or sponsor a food or clothing drive around the holidays. 

Bosses, team leads, and coworkers come together in amazing ways when they’re given a platform to express their generosity to the less fortunate in our local communities.

The brand awareness experts at Stran offer some guidance:

If you want to say thank you to your employees while bringing everyone closer together for the greater good, consider volunteering this season. Host a holiday-themed volunteer session that allows everyone to participate. Your team will feel good about themselves as they give back to the community, and you can all have a lot of fun together.

Volunteering can also be good for your brand, as you become known in the community as a company that gives back. Consider polling your employees to ask which charities or organizations they would be most interested in helping (you can pull one from a hat each year!), and don’t forget to make the event fun and festive for everyone with music, food, decorations, and even small gifts to take home.

Nothing brings people together like donating to a great cause.

So what about those employers who want to be a bit more generous on the gift-giving side?

We found some excellent gift ideas from the healthy snack pundits at Snack Nation. They offer a whopping 115 gift ideas ranging in price from $5 to $85 each. And they’re customizable, so you can create some cool company bling in the process!  

And what about our bonus suggestions? Here are a few more ways to express your gratitude for your employees from the team at Patel:   

  • Make sure leadership does personal or virtual thank-you calls with all employees individually or with their teams collectively, depending on your organization’s size
  • Encourage everyone to be especially expressive of their appreciation of one another in virtual and face-to-face meetings around the holidays
  • Get to know something new about your employees and colleagues through personal outreach this holiday season 
  • Be reflective and interiorly thankful for all the great people who make your company so awesome!

We hope you’ll try some of these suggestions to make this a truly memorable holiday season. 

Let’s make sure we all finish this year off with a bang and prepare for another year of placing exceptional talent in 2023! 

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? Are you looking for workforce management solutions? 

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