5 Great Ways To Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season

I think we would all agree that every company’s greatest asset is its people.

We all want to share our holiday cheer with our fellow employees. This is especially true of business owners, executives, and business leaders at all levels. 

Hiring managers, teams, and human resources professionals spend significant amounts of time, expertise, and effort to recruit and hire the best talent available for every open position. Once those positions are filled with great people, you want to make sure you retain them.

One way to increase employee retention is to show them your appreciation.

But how can you show your gratitude to all of your employees, make it meaningful, and not break the bank?

We couldn’t have said it better than the thought leaders over at startup and early-stage business information Portal Business News Daily. 

They suggested a whopping 19 ways to show your appreciation to your employees! 

We wanted to share the first four innovative ways to share your gratitude with your workforce. Then we’ll also add a few bonus suggestions of our own.

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So, let’s not waste any time. From Business News Daily, the top four suggestions, directly from business executives and HR professionals, to show employees your appreciation around the holidays (and throughout the year!):

1. Use a corporate gamification system.

“Each staff member could claim tasks of their choosing and would receive the point values associated with the tasks upon completion. Staff members could redeem these points at a corporate rewards portal for anything ranging from an extra vacation and work-from-home days to company-paid continuing education. It’s one thing to appreciate employees in the way that makes sense to you, but the gamification platform we used allowed people to be appreciated in a way that was most meaningful to each individual.” – Josh Braaten, CEO, and co-founder of Brandata, formerly Brandish Insights

2. Let employees give and receive “props”

“At Badger Maps, we like to show appreciation on a regular basis and recognize employees for their work. The way we do this is that we all set aside some time at the end of the day every Friday to give props at our ‘TGIF meeting.’ Anyone on the team can give ‘props’ to anyone else on the team, which fosters an atmosphere of appreciation, respect and teamwork. It’s a time to recognize co-workers for their accomplishments and contributions that week in front of the group and show them respect for working hard and having done something great.” – Steven Benson, founder, and CEO of Badger Maps

3. Feed Them

“Bring in doughnuts or have a pizza party at lunch on the company dime. People … like to be fed. This type of reward will not only bring your office together [and] … strengthen their interpersonal relationships, but it will also give them all the feeling of being appreciated.” – Tyler Butler, founder and CEO of 11Eleven Consulting

4. Express your gratitude on social media.

“We recognize our employees on their birthdays and service anniversaries on our social channels. Each post will include a photo and something that highlights that employee’s contribution to the organization or an interesting fact that their co-workers and others may not know about them.” – Michelle Cardin, account director at Epsilon and former marketing director of Shawmut Communications Group

These are some great suggestions. You can take one or more of these suggestions anytime and use them to show your gratitude to your employees for a job well done. This is particularly effective and relevant around the holidays.

And what about our bonus suggestions? Here are a few more ways to express your gratitude for your employees from the team at Patel:  

  • Do personal zoom thank you calls with all employees or teams, depending on your organization’s size
  • Be especially expressive of your appreciation in virtual and face-to-face meetings around the holidays
  • Get to know something new about your employees and colleagues through personal outreach this holiday season 
  • Be reflective and interiorly thankful for all of the great people that make your company so great 

We hope you’ll try some of these suggestions to make this a truly memorable holiday season! 

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