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7 Steps to Building an Effective Talent Pipeline Strategy

These days, it’s becoming more important than ever for employers to be able to identify and recruit top talent. As technology continues to evolve and as the business landscape continues to change in new and unpredictable ways, companies across industries are beginning to place a higher premium on job candidates with specialized skill sets and growth-driven mindsets. At the same time, the ramped-up demand for talented and motivated candidates has made it more difficult than ever for employees to be able to find the employees they need. As a result, many employers today are caught in something of a vicious cycle: On the one hand, they’re in desperate need of job candidates who will be able to help propel their company into the future; on the other hand, they’re lacking an ability to catch the eyes of top talent candidates within their industry. 

Luckily, there are some simple and proven ways to break this vicious cycle. By adopting some of these straightforward marketing, hiring, and recruitment strategies, employers have the power to totally transform their talent pipeline. This, in turn, can lead to a stronger workforce, a healthier workplace culture, and a brighter future for their business. 

With those ideas in mind, here are seven tips that can help you to achieve a stronger talent pipeline: 

Revitalize your employer branding strategy (and your company’s website).

The first (and in many ways, the most important) step towards building a strong talent pipeline is to rethink your approach to employer branding. In other words, you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to attract job candidates and to make their application/interview/hiring process as simple as possible.   

Start with your website, which is often the first resource that a job candidate will visit when determining whether or not they’d like to apply for a position. Ask yourself: 

    •  Is your website user-friendly and easy to navigate? 
    • Is your Careers page up-to-date and optimized?
    • Does your website provide clear instructions to candidates about what they’ll need to do in order to apply for a role?
    • Have you added employee stories or another resource that candidates can reference to learn more about what it’s like to work within your business? 

Optimizing your employee branding vis-a-vis your website is a fast and easy way to strengthen your talent pipeline. For more information about rethinking your employer branding strategy, check out this article. 

Determine which roles should be a high-priority focus for your pipeline.

Within any company, there are roles with high turnover rates, and roles that are a bit more stable. Generally speaking, your talent pipeline should be focused more on the former category than on the latter. By prioritizing your search on candidates whose skills match well with the requirements of roles that have high turnover rates, you can greatly increase your chances of finding that unique individual who will be willing and able to stick around for the long haul. 

Start leveraging social media to connect with candidates.

According to a recent study, more than 90% of employers are now using social media platforms (such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) as a central part of their recruitment and hiring strategies. Furthermore, it’s been estimated that 59% of candidates visit a company’s social media profile(s) before submitting an application. In light of those statistics, you may want to consider placing greater emphasis on your social media presence and strategy. This article has some great insights into how that can be achieved.  

Provide training and development seminars to improve your existing workforce.

As you look towards your company’s future, bear in mind that strengthening your talent pipeline will require more than just attracting outside talent. It will also be important to equip your current employees with the skills and knowledge that they’ll need to succeed as new opportunities within your company become available. The future will be full of new and unpredictable challenges. Is your current team ready to meet them head-on? And, if necessary, to take on more responsibility? 

Simplify the application process as much as possible.

Too often, employers make the process of submitting an application far too complicated for job candidates. This can lead to talented job candidates (who, after all, tend to be busy people) becoming frustrated and ultimately losing interest in applying for a role. With that being the case, you should ensure that you’ve done everything you can to remove unnecessary friction from your job application process. 

Keep track of your recruitment process’ strengths and weaknesses.

Building a strong talent pipeline will not happen overnight. It will require some trials and errors, as well as some minor adjustments along the way. But have no fear! If you don’t start seeing results right away, that doesn’t mean that you’re on the right track towards an improved talent pipeline. As you refine your recruitment process, be sure to closely monitor the areas in which you’re succeeding and the areas that you’ll need to continue to improve. And remember: it’s a marathon, not a race! 

Partner with a professional recruitment agency.

When you team up with a recruitment agency, you’ll gain access to a huge network of talented job candidates that you might otherwise never even know existed. In addition, you’ll receive professional, round-the-clock help in your effort to find that perfect candidate for your next open role. Managing a business is difficult, and building a strong workforce is even harder – start simplifying your hiring and recruitment process today by partnering with a professional recruitment agency! 

Start Finding Top Talent Today 

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