Can A Recruiter Help You Grow Your Business? Yes, Here’s How

I think we would all agree that It’s hard to grow your business if you can’t fill open jobs. 

And the banking and finance experts at Go Banking Rates agree. From a recent article:

It’s very likely that 2022 will see an expedited hiring process as employers move faster to secure talent in a tight labor market.

Speed of hire is now a competitive edge,” said Lisa Hennessey, chief people officer for Happy Money. “For job seekers, this will mean that you may have multiple companies running you through their recruiting process quickly to beat the competition to offer.

So how can employers beat their competition to the punch when sourcing and hiring the best candidates? One way is to engage with a trusted, industry-tested recruiter partner. 

Let’s discuss three simple areas where a recruiter can help overworked hiring teams place great talent quickly. We’ll get started with the basics.  

Timely Sourcing Of The Best Available Active And Passive Talent

Hiring managers need access to the most fertile talent pools. Active talent consists of candidates who are actively seeking a job. They’re probably active on the job boards, career help sites, and private company job boards. These job seekers are a good source of talent, but they’re also going to be the hardest to place.

But what is a passive candidate? We consulted the software experts at Hire in a previous post:   

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face today is the fact that some of the best candidates already have a job. When these candidates are open to considering a new job but aren’t motivated enough to apply for one, they’re called “passive candidates.

Hiring teams and HR professionals can utilize a recruiter’s extensive network of job seekers and candidates.

Extend Your Team With Services—Temp, Temp-to-hire, Contract, Direct-Hire, and Managed Services 

Non-full-time workforce options are also on the rise. From the business technology gurus over at Tech Radar:

We’re seeing more positions (in 2022) for contract work, project work, and one-off commissions, and more people are finding that self-employment is a better option for them than conventional employment. The gig economy is a big deal now, too, and that’s not set to change either.

These types of placements, especially contract workers, can fill urgent staffing needs while you look for a permanent employee. Or maybe the job is truly temporary. Temporary contract workers with specialty skills can keep your projects moving. 

And when projects are moving, your company is growing.

Either way, creative hiring and staffing options can definitely help companies grow their workforce.     

Reduced Hiring Expenses

What makes up the totality of hiring expenses? HR professionals and hiring managers know from experience that the answer is multidimensional. Factors that have a significant negative impact on hiring costs include:

  • Extended times-to-fill 
  • Lack of intimate knowledge of all potential talent pools 
  • Early departures due to poor cultural fit
  • Inaccurate screening
  • Early departures due to a lack of skills verification 

Mitigating these factors will fuel workforce and corporate growth. 

How can we help?

Our job is to put a detailed, targeted job description in front of a pool of exceptional candidates. Then we’ll work with your team to source the best fit for your open position and corporate culture.

We can also help with the interview, skills testing, and onboarding processes if you can use some assistance in these areas.

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? Are you looking for workforce management solutions? 

An experienced, trusted recruiter, like Patel Consultants, will invest in the time it takes to get to know you, your team, and your hiring objectives. We also understand the hiring markets intimately, and our recruiters know where to source the best candidates. We will leverage our purpose-built services and knowledge to your benefit.

Are you ready to streamline your hiring process?   

The recruitment team at Patel is highly tenured, trained, and experienced in competitive sourcing (passive candidates), reference recruiting, and networking. Our extensive ability to identify, qualify, attract, and represent top talent is the number one reason our clients choose us as their strategic recruiting and staffing partner. 

It’s also a great idea to have a trusted partner with a comprehensive understanding of your unique business and industry sector in the context of your hiring and staffing needs.

The team at Patel Consultants would love to help you grow your team. We can help with all of your recruiting and staffing needs, from direct-hire to contract workers, temp-to-hire, managed services, and everything in between. Call us today at 908-964-7575.