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How to Create a Work Environment That Attracts Top Talent

In their effort to attract talented job candidates, employers will typically highlight a few key details related to a particular role. For example, they might emphasize the impressive starting salary, or the noteworthy benefits that new employees can expect to have access to. These details are undoubtedly important, and they should be advertised by employers as a means of recruiting top talent. At the same time, they should not overshadow an equally important detail: your company’s workplace culture. In fact, highlighting the benefits of working within your company’s work environment is one of the surest ways to start attracting top talent. 

Of course, that’s only the case if you’ve already managed to build a working environment that is, in fact, attractive to prospective job candidates. And in today’s world of rapidly-shifting business norms and best practices, that’s an undertaking that’s a bit more difficult than it once was.  

Difficult, but not impossible. Though the process of building a strong workplace culture can be complicated at times, there are some strategies that employers can adopt to start improving their working environments right away. Through these small (but powerful) changes, business owners have the power to completely reshape their employees’ day-to-day experience, as well as the number of job applications in their inbox. 

Here are five simple ways to start cultivating a more positive (and attractive) workplace culture:  

1. Clearly define your company’s mission statement(s).

When you clearly communicate your company’s core values to your employees, you inspire them to perform at their very best every day. When you communicate them to the world (through an online job description or on the landing page of your website, say), you’ll start attracting job candidates who share similar values and who are driven by similar goals.  

2. Offer incentive programs to employees to get them involved in the recruitment process.

As individuals, business owners only have access to their limited professional network. When they recruit their existing employees in the effort to find talented candidates, they can increase their reach exponentially. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you might consider offering a gift card or other financial reward to any employee who’s able to connect you to a job candidate that ends up being hired. 

3. Start offering flexible work options.

Research suggests that flexibility in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important priority for many job seekers. If it’s feasible for your business, you might consider offering remote work and flexible scheduling options to existing (as well as to prospective) employees. 

4. Make it a point to publicly acknowledge the achievements of your employees.

Having a notable success go unnoticed can be a significantly alienating and disheartening experience for your employees. If it happens enough times, it may even lead them to start believing that you don’t truly care – and maybe even that their efforts would be better spent elsewhere. 

Taking the time to recognize a work-related accomplishment, on the other hand, can bring huge benefits to you and to your team. For one thing, it’s a fast and easy way to demonstrate to your employees that you’re personally invested in their growth and development. For another, it’s a guaranteed way to cultivate a feeling of camaraderie and mutual respect in the workplace. After a certain point, word will begin to travel through the grapevine of gossip and social media that your workplace is a supportive and healthy environment.  

5. Implement an “open door” policy.

Speaking of camaraderie, it can go a long way to let your employees know that your door is open to them if they need to speak with you. Oftentimes, employers will box themselves off from their employees and go long stretches of time without directly communicating with the rank and file. This approach, however, can quickly cause employee morale – as well as the quality of a workplace culture – to plummet. In order to create a positive and harmonious working environment, it’s crucial for employees to know that their team leader is available in case they encounter a problem. To that end, you should consider introducing an “open door” policy, and making a note of it when speaking to future job candidates. 

The Power of Partnering with a Professional Recruiting Agency 

Once you’ve optimized your workplace culture, the next step to attracting top talent to your business will be to team up with a third-party recruitment agency. In addition to broadening your network of job candidates, a professional recruitment agency will be able to provide you with valuable feedback regarding how your hiring and interview processes might be improved. If you’re a small business owner who’s looking to add top talent to your growing workforce, a recruiting agency can help you to achieve your goals! 

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