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How Will Automation Impact the Future of Pharmacies?

Automation is a fact of life in almost every industry, and the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sectors are no different.  

So what is the impact on people in the industry and those considering careers in the space? What about hiring managers, human resources professionals, and job seekers?

In this post, we’ll discuss the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries in the context of how careers and jobs will be impacted. We’re going to cover:  

  • The Future Of Automation In The Pharmaceutical/Pharmacy Industries
  • How Automation Will Affect Pharmacists 
  • What Are Some Advantages To Automating Tasks In The Pharmaceutical Industry 
  • What Are Some Disadvantages To Automating Tasks In The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • What Jobs Will Be Left For Humans 
  • How Can We Prepare For The Future  

Let’s level set the discussion with a great definition of pharmaceutical automation from the experts at Precision Automation:

As technology continues to advance, automation shows the potential to transform processes and introduce performance improvements. In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of automation also reduces the chance of human error through its capability to consistently perform repetitive tasks. Pharmaceutical companies have been integrating automation into specific processes like drug development, serialization, anti-counterfeiting, and more. In manufacturing examples, automation has become prevalent in processes such as kit assembly, sortation, machine tending, and packaging.

It’s always a great idea to have a great comprehensive definition of the subject matter we’re going to discuss. 

It’s also a great idea to have a trusted partner that has a comprehensive understanding of your business and your industry.

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So what is the future of automation in the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries?

These two sectors are inextricably linked from the perspective of process automation. 

Processes in both spaces lend themselves to computer and robotics automation. The workflows on the manufacturing side and the pharmacy side are both concentrated heavily with precise requirements for measuring, counting, tracking, and packaging. 

These types of tasks are perfect candidates for automation.  

Workplace automation in the pharma space is embodied by sophisticated robotic measuring, dosing, and dispensing equipment. These advanced machines automate the handling of medications, from the point of order entry to the final delivery of a prescription. 

At the prescription counter, by automating the entire fulfillment process, pharmacies are able to very quickly dispense the proper medicine to the correct patient, with a much higher rate of accuracy. 

This all sounds great for computers and robotic manufacturing stations! But what about humans? Well, we happen to think that the news is good on that front as well. 

What jobs will be left for humans?

We need to look upstream and downstream from the points of automation and technology in the workforce. Every computer is programmed by a human being, and robotic devices are designed, built, and maintained by humans. 

The pharmaceutical medications themselves, are at their core, chemical recipes. These recipes are conceived of, researched, and developed by chemists, physicians, biomedical and chemical engineers, etc. 

All of these types of high-paying jobs will no doubt become more plentiful as the automated manufacturing processes become faster and more efficient.

What about the pharmacist? The team of pharmacists and technicians of the future will almost certainly be more directly involved in the caregiving process. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. According to the healthcare automation pros over at ScriptPro:

Patients will increasingly rely on these facilities (pharmacies) to provide collaborative services that will see pharmacists playing an essential role as one of the primary caregivers on a team of healthcare professionals.    

How do we prepare for the future?

At Patel, we think the future looks pretty bright for the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries. We’re working with our hiring manager and human resource clients to help them recruit and hire the best candidates in the pharma space as it continues to grow and change.

We’re also helping job seekers transition to the new pharmaceutical employment landscape.   

We’ve been located in the heart of the pharmaceutical space for over 30 years, and we’ve seen numerous changes come and go. The bottom line is that we understand both sides of the hiring equation and the unique requirements of the pharma space.   

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