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Simple & Effective Way to Thank Your Employees for the Holidays

Every conscientious business owner understands that they are not solely responsible for the success of their organization. At the end of the day, it’s the integrity and strength of one’s workforce that can ultimately make or break a business enterprise. Your employees, in other words, are the primary driving force that can propel your company towards prosperity and growth.  

Before the pandemic, this was a fact that was basically self-evident to most employers. This was largely because most teams were working together, in-person, under a single roof. Today, as we all know, things have become much more complicated. After ten months of continuous near-total lockdown, most teams across the United States are continuing to work remotely, distanced both physically and emotionally from their colleagues and managers. This radical change has presented many barriers to innumerable employers. Most notably, it’s become far more difficult for business owners to communicate and engage with employees in a manner that reminds everyone within a team that they are, in fact, part of a unified whole, and not just isolated units working from home.  

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’re all more or less in the same boat, which means that certain new best practices have emerged over the past year, which can help managers to communicate more effectively with their remote teams. And here’s some further good news: The holiday season – which is finally upon us – presents the perfect opportunity for employers to show their staff members a little extra appreciation after a particularly tough year.   

Four Easy Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Employees This Holiday Season 

Even in pre-COVID times, most employers would seize the Christmas holiday as a chance to celebrate their team members and bring their staff a bit closer together. But now that the pandemic has literally pulled each of us so much further apart from our families, friends, and work colleagues, it’s become more important than ever for employers to have some sort of “holiday cheer” strategy in place. And by “holiday cheer,” we don’t mean throwing a Christmas party at your company headquarters. Unfortunately, that’s a fun Christmas tradition that we may not be able to enjoy again for a number of years. Instead, we’re thinking of a few simple (but effective) tactics to show your individual team members that they are deeply appreciated while also being mindful of social distancing mandates.   

Here are four simple ways to say “thank you” to your employees during the 2020 holiday season: 

Send them a handwritten letter.

This is a holiday convention that has largely fallen by the wayside in our culture, but it’s also a simple act that can deliver a lot of heartfelt warmth and gratitude. Taking the time to craft and send a handwritten letter – rather than, say, typing out an email – is a powerful way for employers to make their employees feel seen, acknowledged, and valued. 

Give them small (and thoughtful) gifts.

It never hurts to indulge in a little materialism during the holiday season. You don’t need to buy your employees a pair of noise-canceling headphones or anything excessively pricey like that, but it can go a long way to send them a fun, small gift, such as a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or a book. As much as possible, you should also try to make sure that the gift you’re giving is tailored to the recipient’s interests and personality. It’s much more meaningful to give a personalized gift than simply giving everyone in your staff the same piece of company swag.

Make sure you take time off seriously during the holidays.

Many employers will pay lip service to the importance of spending time with one’s family during the holidays, only to inundate their staff members with work-related emails while they’re ostensibly supposed to be enjoying tier time off. Don’t be one of those employers. Instead, make it known to your employees that they will be free to totally disconnect from work during the Christmas holiday so that they can reconnect with their families. It can also go a long way to implement a “no work email” policy for a period of a few days while everyone is at home enjoying the holiday. 

Consider distributing holiday bonuses amongst your team members.

Most business owners have, understandably, been tightening their fiscal belts over the course of the pandemic. That said, holiday bonuses – if you’re able to afford them – are one of the most effective ways to show your employees a little extra love during the Christmas season (they’re even more fun when they’re given out as a surprise). Check out this article to learn more about how to organize, calculate, and distribute holiday bonuses! 

Learn More About Empowering your Workforce During the COVID-19 Crisis 

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