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Top Recruiting Firm Discusses Four Must-Have Qualities for Your New Human Resources Team Member

Human Resources professionals are kind of like a corporate force field. They are there behind the scenes managing the company’s most precious asset, its people. And If they’re doing their job really, really well, we never even notice them.

HR professionals essentially manage the employee experience, or more broadly, the workforce experience. 

What’s more important than how employees and staff experientially interact with all aspects of a company?  

These interactive experiences can be pleasant, rewarding, and educational. On the other end of the spectrum, they can be caustic, frustrating, and counterproductive. Employees experience the corporate culture every day, and this culture should reflect the human resources department.

We’re all familiar with some of the more traditional HR responsibilities like benefits administration, payroll, employee onboarding, etc. In today’s world, though, HR goes much deeper as companies put more and more value on people, teams, and culture. 

The HR industry is growing steadily in the number of people employed in the sector, and in annual compensation. 

According to job board giant ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a human resources professional is around $77,000. This growth trend shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.   

I think we would all agree that HR is a rapidly growing, highly competitive field. This means it’s simply getting more difficult to recruit and hire great candidates.    

So what do human resources professionals look for when they want to add team members?  

Human interaction inside companies is at the heart of the HR mission. In this post, you will learn the value of these four critical qualities to look for in every new HR hire:  

  • Strong Ethical Standards 
  • Insightful Decision Maker 
  • Innovative Problem Solver 
  • Enjoys Learning and Continuing Education

Let’s get started with one of the most critical traits required for every HR professional: strong ethical standards. 

Your HR staff works with confidential employee information and data every day. This includes health benefits plan data, payroll information, retirement planning, and social security information, etc.

This information is highly regulated and sensitive. The HR department must work closely with information technology and the team responsible for the facility and the company’s physical security. 

The HR team must also work closely with the legal department to ensure that regulations such as HIPAA and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are being adhered to.

You can see that your HR team has intimate interaction with every employee-centric aspect of your business. They will essentially set the ethical tone for your company. Hiring managers need to make sure that every candidate for an HR position has strong ethical standards.

At Patel Consultants, we know how difficult it can be to find great HR professionals. We know how to identify the best-of-the-best HR candidates in the market. Get in touch with one of our professional recruiters today. You’ll be glad you did!   

HR professionals must be insightful decision-makers 

Your HR team will deal with disputes among employees and management, constant questions and inquiries into corporate policies, disciplinary actions, etc. They must be thoughtful and decisive in these potentially confrontational situations.

HR professionals also need to know when to escalate problems and potential problems. They need to know when to alert the legal team, management, and executive staff. 

The HR team is on the front lines with difficult decisions relating to staffing, layoffs, compensation plans, changes in benefit plans, etc. They must be empathetic, insightful, and trustworthy in their decision-making.

They must be a team of innovative problem solvers

The human resources team is responsible for a host of issues critical to corporate success. These functions include; talent management, hiring and recruiting strategies, external partner relationships, employee retention, compensation plans, etc.

Great HR professionals know how to solve these complex problems creatively and intuitively. They know how and when to engage their corporate colleagues, such as legal and IT, and when to engage expert help from the outside, like recruiters and staffing agencies. 

Your new HR team member will be someone who embraces learning and continuing education.

The human resources profession is always changing. HR pros deal with federal and state regulations on a consistent basis. Depending on your company’s line of business, managing and maintaining professional employee credentials may also be a significant task for the HR department. 

Does this sound like a tough position to fill? It is! According to Statista, the number of HR workers in the United States will be increasing from 718,120 in 2020 to 840,120 in 2025. Hiring competition will be fierce!

Your human resources team can be a huge asset or a liability to your company. You want to hire professionals with the right ethical compass, experience, and skill set.  

Every staffing requirement has its own nuances. This list of attributes is not intended to be exhaustive by any means. It should definitely help you in your hiring process, though, when used in the proper context. 

Also, use your staffing agency partner throughout the entire hiring process! 

We are experts at defining and verifying skill sets, writing job descriptions, pre-screening candidates, using automation, providing managed staffing and temporary services, and more! 

Whatever you’re up against in your staffing requirement, we’ve probably seen it before. Get in touch with us today online or call us at 908-964-7575!