Don’t Rely on Luck: Work With a Recruiter to Find Your Next Great Candidate!

The hiring market for 2022 will continue to be highly competitive and difficult to navigate.  

As reported recently by the business information systems consulting giants at Janco Associates:

CIOs say short-term hiring will continue to be hot.

Job growth in the IT job market has been on the positive for the past twelve (12) months. In the last 12 months, 202,400 jobs have been added to the IT job market. For 13 straight months in a row, there has been an increase in the number of jobs for IT professionals. 

So what can HR professionals and hiring managers do to help manage their hiring risk? Partnering with an experienced recruiter who understands the market can be a giant step in the right direction  

In this post, we’ll discuss these four benefits of forming a trusted relationship with a professional recruiter to assist you with your hiring objectives:

  • Network on a Larger Scale
  • Extensive Knowledge of Current Hiring Trends 
  • Trusted Relationships With Active and Passive Candidates
  • Purpose-Built, Flexible Staffing and Hiring Services

It’s also a great idea to have a trusted partner that has a comprehensive understanding of your business, your industry, and your hiring needs.

Network on a Larger Scale

Recruiters help hiring managers and human resources professionals network on a much larger scale. At Patel, we have a large network of candidates, both active and passive, that we leverage on behalf of our clients. That’s a big part of what recruiters are all about—networking.

Recruiters make their living by knowing the pool of candidates that’s available for your open job. They have a working knowledge of the candidates with the qualifications and experience that hiring clients are looking for. Your professional recruiter/partner will want to get to know you, your team, and your hiring objectives and goals. This will enable them to build a trusted relationship with you and leverage their network for your benefit.

It’s all about getting your job description in front of the right people.

Extensive Knowledge of Current Hiring Trends 

Your recruiting partner’s job is to understand current trends in the employment market. 

Right now, the hiring market is extremely candidate-friendly. But a professional, highly experienced recruiting and staffing firm knows where the best pool of candidates is for your search. Getting your job in front of the right pool of candidates makes the hiring process much simpler and more effective. 

Recruiters understand the “work-to-workforce” void better than anyone. Their job is to fill that gap by optimizing the candidate pool. That capability benefits both sides of the hiring equation.

Trusted Relationships With Active and Passive Candidates

Job searches are about quality, not quantity.

Passive candidates can be one of the hidden gems that a recruiter can bring to a partnership with a corporate hiring team. According to the hiring software experts at Hire:

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face today is the fact that some of the best candidates already have a job. When these candidates are open to considering a new job but aren’t motivated enough to apply for one, they’re called “passive candidates.” They’re 25 percent more likely to stay at a company long-term, and their overall performance is nine percent higher than active candidates. So it’s no wonder recruiters want them.

A trusted recruiter partner will provide relevant knowledge of the candidate’s personal and professional goals in the context of the hiring team’s decision-making process.

Candidates have preferences for compensation, work-lifestyle benefits, cultures, work schedules, etc. Good recruiters know their candidate’s preferences intimately. This knowledge can help add huge value to hiring managers in the screening process alone.

A recruiter understands what the hiring manager is looking for beyond the visible job description. They understand the value of a candidate’s previous experience, attitude, soft skills, and cultural fit.

This kind of intimate knowledge can be the difference between landing a great candidate who will be around for the long haul and a rapid employee departure. Recruiters are highly motivated for candidates to stick!

Purpose-Built, Flexible Staffing and Hiring Services from Patel Consultants Corporation

Not all workforce management requirements are the same. Engage with a recruiter, like Patel Consultants, with solutions for all of your hiring and staffing needs—that includes direct-hire, temp-to-hire, contract, temporary, and managed staffing and recruiting services. 

A trusted partnership with a recruiting firm that understands your industry and hiring process can help you set and meet your hiring and workforce management goals.  

The recruitment team at Patel is highly tenured, trained, and experienced in competitive sourcing (passive candidates), reference recruiting, hiring technologies, and networking. Our innate ability to identify, qualify, attract, and represent top talent is the number one reason our clients choose us as their strategic recruiting and staffing partner. 

When we engage with a client to fill a direct-hire, temporary, temp-to-hire, or contract position, we are meticulous about placing the right candidate. 

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? Are you looking for workforce management solutions? 

Maybe you just have some questions about how we can help you with your staffing needs?

At Patel Consultants, we help clients just like you find that perfect candidate every day!

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