How to Attract Gen Z employees to Your Company—And Why You Should!

Hiring managers are looking for creative ways to recruit and hire more Gen Z job candidates.  

It’s still a hyper-competitive employment market in 2022, and the trend for 2023 doesn’t appear to be changing much.

Our team is seeing more great Gen Z candidates looking for job opportunities. Some of these job seekers are just out of college and looking for their first job. Others are looking for a change of scenery in this candidate-friendly market.

One thing is certain though—the Gen Z candidate pool is a tremendous resource for hiring teams.

This post will discuss several critical tips on attracting, hiring, and retaining exceptional Gen Z candidates for your open positions.

At Patel Consultants, we can help you with all your recruiting and staffing needs, from direct hire to contract workers, temp-to-hire, and everything in between. It starts with the right candidate pool, including active and passive Gen Z job seekers. 

Like every generation, Gen Z employees have a unique mindset when it comes to job hunting. A Gen Z writer for LinkedIn provided some critical insights in a recent article:

As a recruiter at LinkedIn and a Gen Zer myself, I can tell you that, for the most part, this new cohort of workers is creative, adaptable, values-driven, and intentional in their career choices. And as I chat with fellow career starters about their goals, one thing is clear: We are unwilling to compromise our career vision to fit into a work model that doesn’t work for us.

I even see this reflected in my decision to join LinkedIn a little over a year ago. As I was deciding whether to accept the job offer, I asked myself: 1. Does this role have opportunities to learn and grow, and meet great mentors? 2. Do the company’s values reflect my own? Those two things mattered more than any signing bonus or compensation package.

That quote provides some valuable insights that we’ll discuss in this post. Here’s what we’re going to cover

  • Promoting an Inclusive Corporate Culture for Gen Z Job Seekers
  • Creating Attractive Job Descriptions for Gen Z Candidates
  • Recruiting Gen Z Candidates for Their First Job
  • Finding the Right Gen Z Candidate Pool

So, where’s a good place to get started?

Promoting an Inclusive Corporate Culture

An inclusive culture ensures that all of the voices of diversity in your company have equal value, input, and consideration. This includes opportunities for advancement and promotion, input on teams, influence on company policies, etc. 

In a previous post, we offered six suggestions to help create an inclusive culture and workplace:  

  • Encourage Internships and Mentoring Programs for Underrepresented Groups 
  • Encourage Career and Leadership Programs for Underrepresented Groups 
  • Encourage Participation and Solicit Feedback from All Groups In Meetings, Activities, etc.
  • Have Documented Policies for Employees to Pursue Promotions, Advancement, etc.
  • Provide Inclusion Training at All Organizational Levels
  • Use ATS Software to Avoid Bias 

These types of practices will attract more Gen Z candidates and provide a more inclusive workplace that will benefit your entire workforce. 

Creating Attractive Job Descriptions for Gen Z Candidates

Gen Z candidates are looking for detailed job descriptions that fit their employment values and ideals. They’re looking for growth and mentoring opportunities, learning opportunities, and cultures that promote their values, like equity and inclusivity. 

Your job descriptions should be as short and sweet as possible. They should also be packed with nuggets to spike the curiosity of Gen Z candidates. Use terminology like “we provide mentoring opportunities and learning opportunities for all employees,” etc.

Hiring teams should also reach out to recent Gen Z college graduates.

Recruiting Gen Z Candidates for Their First Job

At Patel Consultants, we frequently help new college graduates find their first job. We help them transition from “college students” to “professional job seekers.” There are always some excellent candidates in the pool of recent graduates, and this is certainly true for Gen Z’ers. We also recommend that college graduates stay at their first job for at least a year. 

That year gives employers plenty of time to create a great employee experience and a workplace environment for long-term retention.

In today’s employment ecosystem, the onboarding and early retention strategy is often a 12-month process. So the key is to locate, recruit, and hire the best Gen Z college graduates before your competitors. Then the first year will provide employers plenty of time to create loyalty and a long-term employment strategy. 

Finding the Right Candidate Pool

This is the easy part when you engage with the professional recruiting and staffing team at Patel Consultants. A core component of our value proposition is the ability to quickly locate the right pool of candidates for your open positions.

We leverage an innovative blend of software, tools, talent, experience, and process in the context of our client’s unique requirements. 

A laser-focused recruiting firm can streamline the hiring process by helping you find that critical group of candidates to interview from a diverse hiring pool.  

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? 

Maybe you just have questions about how we can help you with your staffing needs.

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