How to Make Your Hard-to-Fill IT Jobs Stand Out to Candidates | Patel

How hard is it to fill IT jobs with top-notch professionals in 2022?

We don’t see the candidate-friendly IT hiring market changing any time soon. And the experts at Fortune Magazine agree with that assessment. Here’s what they had to say about the IT job market in 2022:

Talent strategy has emerged as a top priority for boards of directors and C-suite leaders after the events of 2020 and 2021. But even before those eventful years, tech talent was already a significant challenge, one that pandemic-driven advancements in technology adoption have since magnified. Today [2022], successfully recruiting engineers, programmers, data scientists, and other advanced technical workers is more important than ever but also more challenging.

So how can hiring teams stay at the top of the IT talent recruiting market in 2022 and for the next several years?

Patel Consultants can help you with your recruiting and staffing needs, from hard-to-fill direct-hire to contract workers, temp-to-hire, and everything in between. Call us today at 908-964-7575. 

In this post, we’ll focus on three simple but essential stages in the hiring process where you can make your company stand out from the crowd. Then we’ll provide tips on enhancing each step to ensure you get your share of the available IT talent when needed. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Proactively Evaluate and Prioritize Hiring Needs for the Next 12 months
  • Formulate a Hiring Strategy
  • Engage Strategic Partners and Creative Workforce Strategies

So let’s get started!

Proactively Evaluate and Prioritize Hiring Needs for the Next 12 months.

Human resource professionals must proactively meet with IT teams and stakeholders to get their arms around workforce staffing requirements. The Society for Human Resource Management stated that over 70% of 1200 IT workers surveyed planned to change employers in 2022

Meticulous planning IT stakeholders will also help you write enticing job descriptions to help your jobs stand out.

The importance of employee retention in this ultra-competitive job cannot be overstated. As HR and hiring teams are planning strategies for new hires, they need to ensure that best practices for workforce retention are implemented and scrupulously maintained. We offered some tips on retention in a previous post. Remember, you must also make your IT jobs stand out from your existing workforce.

At Patel, we understand that employers can’t make sound hiring decisions based on the potential for new positions in the future. That’s why we recommend hiring companies put strategies in place to build a portfolio of potential future full-time employees. One way to accomplish this is by consistently evaluating talent through contract and contract-to-hire positions.

Contract and temp-to-hire positions make your jobs stand out with talent from the perspective of first-hand experience.

Formulate a Hiring Strategy.

Now that you understand the positions you’ll need to recruit for in the coming year and the strategic impact they will have on the company, it’s time to formulate your recruiting and hiring plan. This will include a detailed job description, timelines, target candidate pools, sourcing techniques, and technologies to leverage. 

Job descriptions need to be concise, enticing, and thought-provoking to stand out and get a second look from top talent. Next, the job description needs to be exposed to the right pool of candidates to meet your tight hiring timeframes. Our team can assist with experiential expertise in all of these areas. We can make your company stand out in our interaction with exceptional candidates.

Your plan should also include partnerships to help you navigate the complex and constantly evolving hiring trends in 2022. 

Now It’s Time to Engage Strategic Partners and Creative Workforce Strategies.

We hope you will consider a strategic engagement with our team of experienced recruiting and staffing professionals. We can help you navigate this competitive, complex IT hiring market.

Whatever workforce challenges you’re facing, we’ve probably seen them before. 

At Patel Consultants, we leverage an innovative blend of software, tools, talent, experience, and process in the context of our client’s unique requirements. 

A laser-focused recruiting firm can streamline the hiring process by helping you find that critical group of candidates to interview from a diverse hiring pool.  

The recruitment team at Patel is highly tenured, trained, and experienced in competitive sourcing (passive candidates), reference recruiting, and networking. We meticulously place the right candidate whenever we engage with a client to fill a direct-hire, temporary, temp-to-hire, or contract position. 

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a job search, or searches, underway? Are you looking for workforce management solutions? 

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