Tactics Companies Can Use To Ensure Diversity, Eliminate Hiring Bias

Diverse teams tend to be more productive, motivated, and demonstrate excellent employee retention rates. What company doesn’t want that?

So if diverse, inclusive workforces are more motivated and productive, how do human resources professionals and hiring managers get there?    

Let’s take a look at diversity and inclusion by the numbers. From the global financial experts at Deloitte Insights:

Workers look to their leaders for clarity and expect them to model commitment to purpose. It can’t be the first thing leaders jettison when the road gets bumpy. In fact, 67% of executives in our focus groups told us that their organizational measurements and metrics will evolve over the next five years to take societal goals, and things such as internal and external community involvement and impacts to well-being and diversity and inclusion, into account.

Diversity and inclusion are at a premium from the executive level down. Human resources professionals are at the heart of the corporate implementation strategy. And the first step is eliminating hiring bias. 

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So what are the benefits of having a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

Diversity increases innovation and provides balance at all levels of any great company. Men and women of all races, ethnicities, and cultures bring acute perceptive and cognitive abilities to all levels of the workforce.    

Statistics show that businesses are generally more productive, and employee retention rates tend to improve significantly with a more diverse workforce. That’s according to Glassdoor, and it’s resonating with hiring teams at companies, small and large. More diversity in the workforce generally means that there will be more camaraderie, innovation, and motivation. 

Diversity of opinions, genders, and backgrounds will increase the likelihood that teams will reflect diverse perspectives, resulting in more creative problem-solving.

But how can employers avoid unconscious bias in the hiring process?

For a business to reach its full potential, everyone must have a voice. And this starts with the search and hiring process. 

There are several tactics that businesses can use to increase diversity and avoid hiring bias. One way is through targeted recruitment efforts. Try reaching out to underrepresented groups. We’ve seen a general trend that workforces reflect their geographic location, industry space, and demographics. The technology sector, for example, tends to have a preponderance of men, especially in leadership roles. 

Mentoring programs can be an excellent way to reach out to the diverse community of potential candidates for jobs, promotions, etc. As we point out in a previous post:

Consider having mentoring programs and internship opportunities for underrepresented groups. This will ensure that every employee will get comfortable with your company’s inclusive culture.

Additionally, businesses can create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves. Open discussions about diversity will help employees feel appreciated and respected regardless of their background. 

Hiring bias may or may not exist in your organization. You can even take a test from Harvard University to evaluate yourself. You might also try a blind resume review for your next hire. The results may surprise you!  

Patel Consultants Can Help Your Organization

At Patel, we don’t see the bogeyman around every corner. We feel that most companies are open, honest, and forthright with their hiring practices. But by taking a few precautions and focusing on increased awareness, you can make sure you’re not missing out on the best talent because of unconscious bias. 

At Patel Consultants, we believe in hiring automation tools, but we also strongly believe in the value of human intelligence and in-depth experiential knowledge of our client’s hiring needs. We leverage an innovative blend of software, tools, talent, experience, and process in the context of our client’s unique requirements. 

A laser-focused recruiting firm can streamline the hiring process by helping you find that critical group of candidates to interview from a diverse hiring pool.  

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