Why You Should Take Advantage of Job Searching in the Summer—Or Should You?

This nagging question is commonly asked of professionals in the staffing and recruiting business by job seekers.

And we’ll provide some answers to that question in this post. But first, let’s see what the experts at Forbes online had to say about summertime job hunting:

Summer is a great time for hiring – and not just for lifeguards or summer interns! It is a myth that companies do not hire as much during the summer and therefore it doesn’t matter if you slow down your search. Keep pressing on with your job search efforts during the summer.

At Patel, we concur with that statement by the Forbes team. And in this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why. We’ll also provide a few tips on simplifying your summer job search, so you still have some time to go to the beach!

You can be sure of one thing, though. At Patel Consultants, we’re not taking the summer off. Are you looking for a job this summer? We can help. Call us today at 908-964-7575, and let’s start your search off right.

So what are the top reasons you should keep your job search going in the summer months?

Seasonal summer work, temporary gigs, and internships can become permanent jobs

Companies are almost always looking for temporary and contract workers to fill in for vacationing employees in the summer months. Summer can be an excellent time to explore some potential new companies and job opportunities. This is especially true if you’re a professional considering a change of scenery. 

Temporary and contract jobs can be the perfect way for professional workers and potential new employers to get to know each other. Summer is an optimal time for recent graduates and less-experienced professionals to look for internships. 

We also agree with the job board team at Indeed that summer internships and temporary positions are not just for college students. 

If you’re considering working at a temporary, contract, or seasonal gig that you enjoy, it could become permanent. This happens all of the time. Many large companies use the summer months to recruit and hire permanent employees. 

Leadership at every level in every great company is always on the lookout for talented, motivated employees who can help them grow. So don’t be fooled into thinking that they are taking the summer off.    

Less competition for open direct-hire and contract jobs

There is no doubt that fewer candidates are actively involved in the job search process around the summer months. There are many reasons for this, and some are more obvious than others.

Some industries and markets do follow clearly defined hiring patterns and cycles. In general, though, companies are always on the lookout for top-notch talent. This is especially true for professional, technical, and knowledge workers in 2022.

Hiring managers, HR teams, and recruiting companies are busy this time of year. We all have open positions to fill. In this candidate-friendly hiring market, hiring and recruiting professionals are diligently looking for candidates who stand out in the crowd. And that candidate might just be you! 

Great resumes and interested job seekers are generally harder to come by in the summer months. This is simply because many job hunters are taking the summer off, which gives ambitious candidates an excellent opportunity to get noticed. 

The summer season is the perfect time to bubble up to the top of the applicant tracking system software and look like a real go-getter to interested hiring professionals. 

Stay active, and you just might get a big summertime surprise.

Potential fiscal year-end hiring and staffing budgets and hiring needs 

Keep in mind that many companies are not on what’s known as a “fiscal calendar year.” In other words, their official year-end does not follow the calendar year. This is especially true for seasonal, e.g., retail, and publicly traded companies.

Companies with fiscal years ending in August, September, and October are looking to fill positions and hiring budgets over the summer. We have companies actively recruiting for some excellent jobs with benefits and long-term growth opportunities.

Our recruiting and staffing team would also like to share a few bonus tips for those ambitious job hunters who are actively looking for new opportunities this summer:

  • Update your personal brand
  • Devise  a reasonable job search schedule that will allow you to enjoy your summer
  • Last but not least—work with a staffing agency that understands you and your career goals

The recruiting team at Patel Consultants will take time to understand your unique skills, capabilities, and career objectives before starting the search process. We give our candidate and hiring clients the same red carpet treatment.

You can expect us to find you the perfect employer from our long list of strategic relationships with local, regional, Fortune 100, and Global 1000 companies. Patel Consultants has over 40 years of experience placing IT professionals with exceptional companies.    

Are you an IT professional looking for temporary, contract, or permanent work? 

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